Cable Percussive Drilling

What is Cable Percussive Drilling?

Cable Percussive drilling (Shell & Auger) is a common method of borehole drilling. Despite increased requests for use of rotary techniques.

Cable percussive drilling methods maintain good stance in the drilling industry for both cost efficiency and technical benefits when performed by experienced Lead Drillers.

It can be used as a lone method or to compliment other drilling methods being used on the site.

Cable Percussive Drilling Allows

In-situ testing techniques to be carried out, such as:

  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT’S)
  • Permeability Testing (Falling Head Tests)

Disturbed and Un-disturbed samples can also be taken from the boreholes for logging by the site Engineer, then testing by the clients approved laboratory.

Borehole vane testing and Packer testing can also be undertaken in the boreholes, to provide our clients with various information to aid them with their Geotechnical design.

On completion of the boreholes gas or ground water standpipes can be installed.

Cable Percussive drilling uses a Tripod design derrick with a two or four tone winch which is powered by the Diesel engine on the rig.

The rig is towed by a Four-wheel Drive vehicle, making mobilization to sites easier more cost effective and we can locate the rig easier on the most challenging of ground.

The rig is erected on site in accordance with manufactures guidelines.

Danbar Drilling operate various Cable Percussive rigs, such as

  • Dando 175
  • Dando 2000
  • Larger Dando 4000

Danbar’s Crews are NVQ Lead Driller and CSCS certified.

Danbar Drilling have the capability to drill of up to 16” diameter and depths of up to 60m in suitable ground conditions.

Cable Percussive boreholes are formed using a clay cutter in cohesive ground, or a shell (bailer) in Non- cohesive ground, (sand/gravel).

A chiseling tool also allows the advancement of the borehole through harder ground or through any obstructions that may be present.

Drilling Services

Percussive Drilling Offers Various Capabilities Such As:

  • Drilling in cohesive and Non-cohesive ground.
  • SPT/CPT tests
  • In-situ testing
  • Installation of Gas and Groundwater installations to specification of the client.
  • Drilling diameters from 6” up to 16”.
  • Site access capability.
  • All rigs, Auxiliary equipment and Lifting equipment are tested in accordance with LOLER Regulations.
  • SPT equipment is calibrated every 12 months

IMG_1182  Percussive Drilling   Cable Percussive Drilling