Rotary drilling techniques are used when drilling into the rock is required to check for shallow mine workings or to test the quality of the rock.

Danbar own a fleet of Rotary drilling rigs offering suitable for many Geotechnical investigations.

Our Rotary drilling rigs are track mounted.


Our Fleet starts with the Massenza M.I3 small but have a lot of capabilities, including Dynamic sampling. This is great for small sites, or restricted access sites or domestic properties. This is rig can provide our client with a more cost-effective service, as it is very capable of dynamic sampling through superficial sub-surface materials, therefore avoiding the need for the traditional cable percussive rig, with Rotary follow on.

We then have our Massenza M.I.6 and Dando Mtec 6 and Beretta T51, with these rigs we are able to offer installation of up to 12” casing to depths up to 50m. These rigs are very capable of working on large sites for various different applications.

We then have the larger rigs Hutte 205 and Beretta T152, these rigs are great for deep boreholes, and are more than capable of installing casing in this boreholes. For example, we have used these rigs on large Dewatering projects in Somerset drilling in 12” diameter installing casing down to depths of 70m.

All our rigs can undertake rock coring at various diameters. These samples are then logged by the experienced site engineer.

We can also offer Openhole drilling from 4” to 12” diameter, this method does not offer a core sample, it is mainly used to locate shallow Coal Seams, and it allows for drilling of more boreholes in a short time period. It is also the method used for Dewatering.

With our rigs we have a wide range of drilling and sampling equipment such as:

412, HWF,PWF,SWF, T6116 and Wireline Coring equipment (Geobore s).

Overburden systems- Odex/Duplex, allows drilling/casing through unstable ground.

We can also offer a variety of different flushing mediums that suit the ground conditions.

Hollow Stem Augers

Down the hole hammers up to ………….


We also offer Standard Penetration Testing (SPT), U100,UT100 equipment.

Installation of Gas and Groundwater monitoring pipes

Our crews have experience of drilling and sealing off boreholes through rocks containing artesian groundwater conditions.

Our Rotary drilling team are highly experienced and with the knowledge of the owners and help of the office staff we can deliver Rotary drilling all over the UK for many different applications.


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