Sonic Drilling - Faster & More Efficient

UK Leaders in Sonic Drilling

Sonic Drilling is an incredible technology that’s been developed over the past 27 years, and of which Danbar are pioneers within the UK. This technology allows for drilling, depending on soil conditions, of between three and five times conventional drilling speeds.

And it’s not just about speed – Sonic Drilling is cleaner on your site thanks to not relying on drilling mud, and it can take continuous core samples up to 100 meters. Read on to learn more about Sonic Drilling and it’s advantages.

Sonic Drilling – Faster & More Efficient

The technology was, of course, the product of many engineers, but it was Ray Roussy, now president of Sonic Drilling Corporation and Sonic Drilling Ltd, who picked up the torch for sonic drilling when his former employer, Hawker-Siddeley, dropped research into this area in the 1980′s.  After spending many years developing the technology it’s benefits are now available to your project.

In certain conditions, such as boulder or gravel earth, Sonic Drilling can succeed where other conventional technologies can struggle.  The results of using Sonic Drilling on your project are significant:

  • Faster drilling
  • Less mess
  • Wider range of ground can be drilled
  • Reduced costs

As a result of these amazing attributes, sonic drilling can be employed in many applications including geotechnical and geothermal projects, environmental investigations and mineral exploration.

About Sonic Drilling

A sonic drill is more precisely identified as a rotary vibratory drill. It is capable of high drilling speeds as well as tasks such as continuous coring that cannot be undertaken with conventional machines. A sonic machine looks very much like any other conventional air or mud rotary drilling rig, the only big difference is the drill head, it is slightly larger than a standard head. The head contains the mechanism necessary for rotary motion as well as an oscillator, which causes a high frequency force to be superimposed on the drill string.

The drill bit vibrates up and down in addition to being pushed down and rotated. These three forces combined allow drilling to proceed rapidly through most geological formations even most types of rock.

The soil particles that come into contact with the drilling rods are fluidised reducing friction and allowing rapid penetration. The fluidisation only occurs within a few millimetres of the drilling tools; therefore this does not distort any samples that need to be taken. Core recovery is virtually 100% as there is no flush medium, the core is not contaminated by drilling activities, and this is why our machine is widely used on Environmental projects.

Advantages in Geothermal Installations – Quick Facts

  • Fastest drilling method on earth for Geothermal Installations.
  • Drill in any geological formations.
  • Drill without mud, which provides for a much cleaner and safer work environment.
  • Simultaneously drill and case holes to full depth.
  • Quick & efficient installations of pre-coiled loops.
  • Outstanding ability to provide core samples that be used to create and accurate geological site profile before the final design of the loop field.
  • Vibrates casing out of the ground after loop installation and placement of the thermally enhanced grout.

Further Information from Sonic Drilling Ltd (external link) & from Danbar Drilling Services Ltd

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