Danbars cable percussion & cable percussive drilling is one of the most commonly used methods for all kinds of geo-technical sites and ground investigations.


In the UK, depending on access limitations for our rigs and ground conditions, we can create boreholes up to 60m in depth.

The Danbar Drilling team are able to deliver extremely reliable and effective cable percussive drilling techniques which offer high levels of cost-efficiency as well as a range of technical benefits.

Thanks to our experience and versatile rigs, this method of drilling is ideal for use alone or as part of a wider drilling strategy on-site.

Whatever kind of borehole you are looking to create on-site, our industry-leading percussion drilling technology remains the perfect choice.



Cable percussion drilling utilises a two-tonne winch, driven by a high-performing diesel engine.

Instances which require a wider borehole, we can swap the winch out for a four-tonne capacity alternative.

Typically, these types of rigs require easy and unimpeded access, but there are some occasions where modular percussion drilling rigs are suitable instead.

A Borehole is formed using either a shell (for non-cohesive materials) or a “clay-cutter” (for cohesive materials).

When the ground itself is very hard, or there are potential obstructions in the way, a chiselling tool can be used to great effect.

Sides of the borehole are supported with steel casing to ensure it maintains its shape.

Steel casing is lowered into the borehole as percussive drilling progresses.


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    Some instances, the steel cable itself will need to be driven into position to support the borehole sides.

    Including when the hole is driven into gravel or sand, or into saturated zones which have not undergone extensive dewatering.


    Here at Danbar, we have worked with clients all across the country to deliver premium drilling services.

    We are able to provide industry-leading cable percussive rigs, including:

    • Dando 175.
    • Dando 2000.
    • Larger Dando 4000.

    With an experienced team have undergone a complete range of extensive testing, including both efficiency and health and safety.

    Our cable percussive drilling crews are CSCS certified as well as NVQ Lead Driller Approved.

    Our experience and focus on the highest-quality of technology have the capacity to drill up to 16” in diameter, and can comfortably reach depths of up to 60m, depending on the ground conditions of the surface material.

    Industry-leading technology make our percussion drilling services the most effective in the UK.

    Our rigs and experienced team offer a wide range of capabilities, including:

    • Cost-effective drilling in both cohesive and non-cohesive surfaces.
    • Quick and easy SPT/CPT testing.
    • On-site testing.
    • Convenient installation of gas and groundwater systems, to the client’s specifications.
    • Drilling diameters from 6” to 16” for your convenience.
    • Thanks to our four-wheel rigs, we have high levels of site access when compared to other drilling companies.
    • A wide range of rigs, lifting and auxiliary equipment – all testing in accordance with LOLER Regulations.
    • All of our SPT equipment is calibrated every 12 months, ensuring a reliable service.

    As one of the UK’s leading cable percussive drilling teams, we can make sure that your geotechnical project progresses on-time and on-budget.

    All staff have undergone extensive health and safety tests

    Ensuring that you and your employees are perfectly safe whilst we undertake our drilling project.

    Prepared in the event of any other emergency developing, including practical first aid and fire safety.

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    Danbars rigs are some of the most powerful and reliable in the country – able to deliver an extremely high-quality cable percussive drilling service to site’s all over the UK.

    Whatever the quality of the ground material, our team of percussion drilling experts will be able to ensure that you receive the borehole you need.

    If you are looking for experienced cable percussive drilling in the UK, don’t hesitate! Get in touch with the professional team at Danbar Drilling today. You can reach us directly on 07984 088 584.

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