Danbar’s geotechnical drilling and ground investigation services are unrivalled thanks to our 30 years of experience in environmental, geotechnical drilling.


Geotechnical drilling and environmental drilling and engineering solutions come in various different forms depending on the particular project you’d like to achieve.

Environmental and geotechnical drilling allows us to sample different soils to determine the different types of earth on a site prior to any construction activity taking place.

Here at Danbar Drilling, we’ve completed countless ground investigation projects in various types of developments including petrol stations, factories, foundries, treatment works and landfills: to name few.

Our wide range of drilling capabilities help clients to fulfill all of their drilling requirements quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Through the art of geotechnical drilling and the art of rotary equipment, we’re able to use various techniques to recover samples and undertake in-situ testing.

Each of our employees are highly skilled, fully trained operatives who’re able to work in areas with limited access as our Beretta T44 can fit through spaces only 1 meter wide. (See Equipment section).

Rotary drilling techniques are employed on ground investigation where boreholes are required into very dense gravel or bedrock.

Samples of the bedrock are recovered in seamless plastic tubes for subsequent logging by a suitably qualified engineer for lab testing.


Here at Danbar Drilling, our ground investigation services also include a technique called rotary open hole drilling.

Open hole drilling is a technique we use to form deep observation boreholes to gain samples of rock which couldn’t be recovered from cable percussive drilling or window sampling.

This geotechnical drilling technique uses what we call a power rotary cutting head on the end of a shaft which rotates as it drills into the ground.

Completed boreholes may have an installation ranging from a basic groundwater monitoring pipe through to more sensitive instrumentation such as a vibrating piezometer.

For more information on our geotechnical drilling and environmental drilling solutions, contact a member of the friendly team today.

We offer free expert information and advice around all your drilling needs.

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    Our rotary machines are state of the art which ensures all geotechnical drilling and ground investigations are completed to the highest specification.

    Rotary machine information as follows:

    • Open hole drilling from 4-8″ diameter.
    • SPT’S, CPT’S U4′S.
    • Packer testing from 76mm to 131mm
    • Variable head & Constant head permeability testing
    • Borehole vane testing.
    • Core orientation.
    • DTH from 78mm to 150mm diameter.
    • Simultaneous drilling and casing from 4-8″ diameter.
    • Flush using air, air mist, water, foam and polymer.
    • BDA, CSCS and NVQ qualified staff.

    At Danbar Drilling Services we continually strive to provide the most appropriate drilling technique to suit the geological conditions and objectives for the particular project.

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    Intrusive environmental site investigation needs to utilise various techniques in rotary drilling.

    It can be a very sensitive area to work within and a lot of clients need to drill without fluid.

    As it can often create unnecessary mess while increasing the risk of contamination.

    The technology we’ve invested inhere at Danbar Drilling is ideal for environmental site ground investigations.

    Our Sonic drilling rig is one of only 6 in Europe at the moment and it is especially suited to investigating heavy metal, organic and other types of contamination including land fill debris.

    It is also the fastest drilling method on earth for environmental site investigations.

    With this piece of fine machinery will can drill without flush and take continuous core samples, making it faster and cleaner than conventional rotary drilling.

    We will install standpipes for monitoring groundwater or soil gases.

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    Danbar Drilling are well established and unrivalled in geotechnical, environmental and general drilling services throughout the UK.

    When it comes to all drilling methods, we undertake site investigations in various types of developments including petrol stations, factories, foundries,treatment works and landfills.

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