We operate and maintain a customised drilling fleet to offer a multi-functional range of equipment to complete a varied range of projects. We also operate a range of associated equipment to support the rigs.



Our rigs range from small Cable Percussive rigs to more powerful Cable rigs, our Rotary rigs are tracked mounted, either Rubber or Steel.

We operate smaller rigs which are prefect for restricted access sites, for Site Investigation work, including Dynamic Sampling, but are also still powerful enough to offer deeper depths, we also operate larger machines which can be utilised for larger Diameter and depth boreholes, such as Domestic and Commercial Water wells, and Dewatering projects. We can offer a varied range of drilling methods with these rigs.



Danbar also own a vast range of ancillary equipment to support the rigs and allow for various drilling methods. We have high pressure pumps, air compressors, mud cleaning systems and a vast array of core barrels, drill bits, augers and Wireline (Geobore S).

We also operate our own 32 Tonne, 8 wheel Beaver tail truck to allow Rapid and Economical Mobilisation of equipment.

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    Danbar Drilling are well established and unrivalled in geotechnical, environmental and general drilling services throughout the UK.

    When it comes to all drilling methods, we undertake site investigations in various types of developments including petrol stations, factories, foundries,treatment works and landfills.

    For more information on our services or for quote, contact a member of our professional team now on 07984 088 584

    Alternatively, you can email Danbar Drilling direct now at admin@danbardrilling.com.

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