Crag End Landslip, Northumberland

March – July 2015



We carried out a total of 23 rotary boreholes for the installation of dewatering wells as part of the temporary and permanent works to enable the reinstatement and stabilization of a major landslip to reinstate a strategic road. Boreholes were required to relieve pressure from artesian water and required the drilling of the boreholes in 300mm diameter to rock head, the installation of 250mm
permanent steel casing pressure grouted into the ground prior to completion of boreholes to depths of 30m with installation of 150mm wells.
Eight boreholes were drilled along the
carriageway verge of the road that was
affected by the landslip, the remaining fifteen of the boreholes were carried out on a slope below the road, across a SSI with stringent
environmental requirements. Previous drilling contractors had struggled with the overburden and artesian water, our works were completed on time, on budget and with no adverse incidents affecting the sensitive environmental setting.