Here at Danbar Drilling, we specialise in the delivery of geothermal drilling for all kinds of sites across the UK.



Here at Danbar Drilling, we specialise in the delivery of geothermal drilling for all kinds of sites across the UK.

Our professional team have been drilling and installing range of vertical ground systems for many years. Thanks to our experience, we have dealt with practically every kind of geological formation imaginable, meaning that we can deliver a quick and problem-free service to suit your needs.

Using the latest in industry-leading equipment (including one of only six sonic drills available in Europe), we can make sure that your project is completed on-time and on-budget. We have the knowledge, versatility and unbeatable drilling rigs to ensure that your vertical ground structures and systems can be installed in the shortest possible time.


Our team will visit your site before any major drilling work has to take place. Our director or lead driller will evaluate the entire site, including access points and the availability of a steady water supply in the area.

It is important, before we begin, that the surface material undergoes a British Geological survey to assess its suitability. If the site’s access points are large enough for our rigs to get to where they need to be, and the surface material is geologically suitable, then our team will start as soon as possible.

The boreholes that we can create can be drilled to various depths. It is largely dependent on the consistency and quality of the ground strata. The depths and distances between the boreholes will be decided by both the clients and engineers during the initial planning phase. Our state of the art geothermal drilling fleet consists of rigs which are capable of drilling boreholes of more than 100 meters.

Our consistent investments in the latest geothermal drilling & geothermal drilling technology allows us to provide all of our clients with the cleanest, fastest and most effective drilling service available in the UK today. Our rigs enable us to drill with air, air mist, mud or water flushes depending on the condition of the site.

Utilising our sonic technology, however, we are able to drill without the use of mud if the project requires it. We also offer a range of modular machines which are perfect for use in the sites where access is limited to our larger rigs.

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    As a geothermal drilling company, we are here for you. drilling Once the boreholes have been drilled to the required depths, our team will then install the geothermal loops. We can install 32mm or 40mm geothermal loops using our hydraulically powered loop winders. The thermal grout that we provide is them mixed by our drillers in our own hydraulic or air powered mixers. This ensures that the grout is mixed to a correct consistency, preventing issues later on.

    The borehole itself is then grouted from the base upwards using a pump and tremie method. This will lift out any debris or water with it. The grout then seals the drift and fill deposits. This means that the borehole itself is sealed and resistant to potential contamination. The thermal grout also acts as an effective conductor between the heat of the earth and the fluid in the pipework.

    In addition, before any of our geothermal loops are installed, they are subjected to a pressure test. We use both air and hydro-static pressure tests to check all of our loops. Once these loops have passed the test, we supply certificates as evidence of their reliability.

    Before we leave the borehole, we make sure that the loop itself is cut down to ground level. Plastic soil popes are inserted into the ground and backfilled with pea gravel to ensure the loop is protected prior to its connection with the complete geothermal system.

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    As one of the UK’s leading geothermal drilling teams, we can provide quick, clean and effective geothermal drilling to sites across the UK. Our team’s experience means that we can ensure your project progresses on-schedule and on-budget. All of our geothermal drilling specialists have undergone a complete range of health and safety practical courses and tests. This means that our team and any of your employees who are nearby will remain completely safe during our drilling project.

    Our geothermal drilling rigs are some of the most powerful and reliable in the UK. Thanks to our experience and focus on the latest in available geothermal drilling technologies, we can provide high-quality drilling services across the country, in all sorts of conditions. Whatever the quality of the surface ground materials, our team of geothermal drilling engineers can provide the high-quality boreholes that you need.

    If you’re looking for experienced geothermal drilling engineers in the UK, don’t hesitate to contact Danbar! Get in touch with our team of professionals today on 07984 088 584. Alternatively, you can use the quick and easy contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

    Enviromental Site Investigations

    Intrusive environmental site investigation needs to utilise various techniques in rotary drilling.

    It can be a very sensitive area to work within and a lot of clients need to drill without fluid.

    As it can often create unnecessary mess while increasing the risk of contamination.

    The technology we’ve invested inhere at Danbar Drilling is ideal for environmental site investigations.

    Our Sonic drilling rig is one of only 6 in Europe at the moment and it is especially suited to investigating heavy metal, organic and other types of contamination including land fill debris.

    It is also the fastest drilling method on earth for environmental site investigations.

    With this piece of fine machinery will can drill without flush and take continuous core samples, making it faster and cleaner than conventional rotary drilling.

    We will install standpipes for monitoring groundwater or soil gases.

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    Why Contact Danbar Drilling?

    Danbar Drilling are well established and unrivalled in geothermal, environmental and general drilling services throughout the UK.

    When it comes to all drilling methods, we undertake site investigations in various types of developments including petrol stations, factories, foundries,treatment works and landfills.

    For more information on our services or for quote, contact a member of our professional team now on 07984 088 584

    Alternatively, you can email Danbar Drilling direct now at

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