Danbar Drilling Services Ltd provide water well drilling & installations tailored to meet each of our client’s specific requirements.



We can supply complete Water Well Drilling installation services, from borehole design, drilling of the borehole and Installation of the well screen and borehole pump.

If you’re looking for Water Well Drilling and Water Well installation services; contact a member of the Danbar Drilling team today on 07984 088 584 or, alternatively, you can email us directly admin@danbardrilling.com


Here at Danbar Drilling, we construct boreholes in accordance with Industry guidelines and relevant regulations with our outstanding water well drilling services.

We mobilise the specific rig and equipment to site and set up in the preferred location.

We will then drill the borehole and install temporary casing as required to ensure the loose ground above the rock stays open, allowing us to drill the borehole to the required depth.

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    A water well is a great source of clean water for any home or business allowing a constant supply of clean water, with constant pressure and fantastic water quality. Water wells are also renowned for reducing costs for homeowners and overheads for businesses.

    Domestic water wells are commonly used for those with a spring supply as these can become less efficient in summer months or when more than one household is using the domestic well for their water supplies.

    Danbar Drilling will have an initial site meeting about the requirements. We have experience and knowledge of geology and aquifers across the UK but we will obtain an initial Geological report from the British Geological survey (BGS), this report will advise on the potential geological conditions and the depths at which water is likely to be encountered on the site. Using our experience we will assess the report and advise on the feasibility of the borehole.

    This information is essential as it gives us information on the geology we could be drilling, the amount of drift and the possible depths. This will allow us to plan the best drilling method and provide the best estimate of costs. Once we have all the required information then we can proceed to drilling of the well, our contracts manager will be on hand every step of the way to answer any questions.

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    Our water drilling services are great as the depths of water wells can vary from 30m to 200m depending on the water tables. Any drilling arising from the borehole will be flushed to the surface via a range of methods, it will be collected in a suitable container or pit, for disposal via agreed methods at the end.

    Once we have drilled the borehole to the correct diameter and depth, it is then lined with a well screen and casing. The screens and casings are usually manufactured in plastic or stainless steel, this depends on the requirements of the client. All of the screens we use are precision cut to ensure the correct flow of water through the well, they also ensure that the sediment intake is reduced.

    We then place the appropriate filters and seals around the screen and casing, and this ensures the borehole is sealed and no contaminants can enter. A sealed chamber is then installed, this holds the wellhead and any other surface requirements. A quality stainless steel submersible pump is then installed into the borehole. Its the submersible pump which pumps the water to the surface.

    When the water reaches the surface, it is then acceptable for immediate use. We are also able to produce samples that can be taken for laboratory inspection if required, and filters can also be installed.

    Enviromental Site Investigations

    Intrusive environmental site investigation needs to utilise various techniques in rotary drilling.

    It can be a very sensitive area to work within and a lot of clients need to drill without fluid.

    As it can often create unnecessary mess while increasing the risk of contamination.

    The technology we’ve invested in here at Danbar Drilling is ideal for environmental site investigations and water well drilling services.

    Our Sonic drilling rig is one of only 6 in Europe at the moment and it is especially suited to investigating heavy metal, organic and other types of contamination including land fill debris.

    It is also the fastest drilling method on earth for environmental site investigations.

    With this piece of fine machinery will can drill without flush and take continuous core samples, making it faster and cleaner than conventional rotary drilling.

    We will install standpipes for monitoring groundwater or soil gases.

    Water Well Drilling
    Water Well Drilling

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    Danbar Drilling are well established and unrivalled in geotechnical, environmental and general drilling services throughout the UK.

    When it comes to all drilling methods, we undertake site investigations in various types of developments including petrol stations, factories, foundries,treatment works and landfills.

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