Dewatering is an essential part of a wide range of construction projects all across the world.

Methods of ground water removal involves the lowering of the groundwater level in a particular area to enable excavations.

Excavations performed in wet and unstable conditions are often unsafe and impractical

Thanks to dewatering, projects can be completed in record time and to a much higher standard.

Danbars ground water removal services are not only useful for temporary excavation services, but for long-lasting water control.

Thankfully Danbars experience and industry-leading equipment, can effectively manipulate groundwater levels to create a dry, comfortable working space for construction.


Danbar utilise deep wells to control water levels.

Dewatering deep wells work as boreholes, lined with a slotted screen.

A space between the borehole and the well screen (known as the annulus) backfilled with either filter media or formation stabilizers to create a filter pack.

Deep well systems use individual submersible pumps which are typically installed within the liner itself, close to the base of the well.

Meaning that they can quickly and easily installed and recovered by the riser pipe itself.

We recommend siting the ground water removal wells just outside of the proposed area of excavation, to ensure clean and clear digging.

Our dewatering services then pump the water from the deep wells.

This causes the formation of a hydraulic gradient which forces the water into the wells.

That means that the soil or earth around the well is subject to a cone of depression, effectively draining the soil of any water caught in the pore spaces.

Therefore, you’ll be left with a dry and safe excavation site.

Which can not only be much more convenient, but also much faster than having to deal with a potentially wet surface.


Danbar, typically create dewatering deep holes through rotary drilling.

This is a quick, easy and reliable way to create a hole deep enough and wide enough for effective groundwater control, without taking too long to create.

Depending on the actual geology of the ground in question.

However, we can also take advantage of the latest biodegradable polymer mud flush, water flushes and simultaneous drilling casing systems.

When the circumstances and conditions of the soil itself permit.

we can install de-watering deep wells to larger diameters thanks to our fleet of industry-leading cable percussive rigs.

With the ability to quickly and easily create deep wells of up to 400mm in diameter!

If the ground itself is suitable, such as sandstone or chalk.

We can install wells using an open-hole drilling method.

Our dewatering boreholes can be as deep as you like, ranging anywhere from 10-50 meters.

On some occasions, ground water removal wells can be drilled to even greater depths, but that is largely dependent on the geology of the soil in question.


Simplicity of this dewatering technique, our services are perfect for deep excavations and where the soil’s geology means that permeability is high.

Dewatering systems are also suitable is the groundwater pressure threatens the stability of the base.

Also the style of dewatering is also the most effective, enabling the quick removal of a high volume of groundwater within the cone of depression.

What’s more, this dewatering system is extremely flexible.

With a great range of potential well depths, as well as well spacing, your access restrictions to the site are kept as low as possible.

Deep well dewatering is extremely successful in a wide range of soils and causes the least amount of disruption or potential delays to your excavation or construction project.


Here at Danbar Drilling, we have extensive experience dealing with all manner of groundwater levels and soil geologies.

We specialise in the delivery of safe, effective and rapid drainage for excavation and construction projects all over the country.

As the UK’s leading provider of dewatering services and deep well installation, we can make sure that your project progresses on-schedule and on-budget.

All of our dewatering staff have been trained to a high standard.

We place our employees’ and our clients’ health and safety above everything else.

That is why all of our dewatering equipment is regularly maintained to prevent any kind of incident.

All of our dewatering drills and rigs are calibrated and tested in accordance with LOLER/PUWER regulations.

Our ground water removal team are CHAS and CITB registered and have undergone extensive health and safety tests when it comes to dealing with all kinds of emergencies, including fire safety, first aid and asbestos disruption.

If you’re looking for a team of professional dewatering experts, then get in touch with Danbar Drilling today.

You can reach us directly on 01942 216924 or use the quick and easy contact form below.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


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