Geothermal Drilling

Danbar Geothermal Drilling Services Ltd specialises in geothermal drilling. We have been drilling and installing vertical ground systems for a number of years. Our Staff pride themselves on being able to drill and install any sized ground loops efficiently in nearly all geological formations.

By providing you with a professional and efficient service, using the latest equipment (including one of only six sonic drills in Europe) we are able to help you to complete your project within your deadlines and budget.

Geothermal Drilling – Site Visit & Survey

Once you have decided to use Danbar on you project then we will arrange for a site visit with our director or lead driller to check the access of the site and the water supply in the area, we will then arrange a British Geological survey so that we can assess the ground before drilling.


Boreholes can be drilled to various depths dependent on the ground strata. The depth and distance apart of the boreholes is decided by the client and engineers before drilling commences. We have a fleet of ‘state of the art’ drilling rigs that are capable of drilling boreholes 100 meters plus.

Our investment in this latest drilling technology allows us to provide you with the cleanest and fastest drilling service available in the UK. (Read about the advantages of Sonic Drilling). We can drill with air, air mist, mud or water flush which ever suits the conditions. However with our sonic technology we are able to drill without the use of mud should the project require it. We have machines that we can use on limited access projects.

You can be assured should any difficulties arise, or you have a large project that needs expert knowledge of all drilling methods, then Danbar Drilling are the team you need.


Once the boreholes are drilled to the require depth then the geothermal loops are installed. We install 32mm or 40mm geothermal loops using our hydraulically powered loop winders. The thermal grout is then mixed specifically by our drillers in our own hydraulic powered or air powered grout mixers, this ensures that the grout is mixed to a correct consistency. The borehole is then grouted from the base upwards using a pump and tremie method, lifting out any debris or water with it. The grout then seals the drift and fill deposits therefore sealing the borehole and preventing contamination of the borehole. The thermal grout acts as a conductor between the earth’s heat and the fluid in the pipework.

Pressure Testing

We pressure test all the geothermal loops before installation to ensure a leak free installation. We use air and hydro- static pressure tests to check the loops. A pressure tests certificate is completed.

Finished Borehole

Before leaving the borehole, we cut the loop back to ground level and plastic soil pipe is inserted into the ground and backfilled with pea gravel to ensure the loop does not get damaged before connection to the system.